There are many reasons to install a wooden fence, from privacy for your family, increased security for your children, keeping small critters out of your yard, or maybe you just like the aesthetic. Whatever the reason, you may be considering how you can decorate your new wooden fence.


There are a lot of options when it comes to decorating a wood fence. You can add painted designs, hang flags or banners, or even put up holiday decorations. Click here to learn more as we go through this article.


One popular option is to create a mural. Murals can be any size or shape, and you can use any type of paint you want. They’re a great way to show your personality and to customize your fence. Plus, they can add some extra privacy if needed. Here are some tips for creating your own wood fence mural.


Painting the Fence a Solid Color


The classic, and most obvious, solution is to paint your fence a solid color! Most traditionally, wood fences are painted in natural shades, more specifically, shades of brown. Common colors inside a light brown stain or a dark brown. Many homeowners choose to paint their fence a deep red or maroon as well, and grey tends to be a common artificial-looking color. The browns, reds, and grays are the more traditional-looking colors and more common.


Alternating Colors on Boards & Pickets


You can take the color on your fence a step further by alternating the colors on the boards and pickets. Alternating colors with natural colors can add an element of depth to your landscaping, as you won’t have a solid block of a single color in your backyard. If you choose to alternate with bright colors, consider the same suggestions as before, matching the alternating colors not only to each other, but also to other colors in your landscaping. Alternating colors can be a super fun way to add a pop of color to your fence.


Painting a Mural


If you want to go a step even further, consider painting a mural on your fence! Murals do not have to be large or complex, but can be a simple design. You could paint the fence yourself, or find a local artist to paint the fence for you. A mural facing inward is perfect as a centerpiece for backyard hangouts, relaxing days, or family game events. Murals become a topic of conversation, and the best part is that you can change the mural every few years.  Whatever mural you choose does not have to be permanent, as your fence will need maintenance anyway, providing you with the perfect opportunity to change up the mural. If there is a social justice topic you are passionate about, a design you want amplified, or you want to show off your kids’ art, a wood fence mural is the perfect decoration.


Planting Along the Fence Line


If you are not into painting the fence a specific color, you could also add a 3D element to the design. You may consider planting flowers or a bed along the fence line, which will elevate the look of your fence. Whether you choose to create an elevated flower bed or you plant your flowers directly into the ground, adding plants will round out the look of your fence. Depending on the plant, you may also get increased privacy, as the plants would block the space between the slats of the fence. Having your plants grow against and around the fence posts will add a beautiful element to your fence.