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Wood / Privacy

Wood fences remain a stylish option in tons of neighborhoods across the United States. Our treated wood panels are the perfect recipe for seclusion, longevity, quality, beauty, and low cost. Our expert fence professionals can install a variety of styles, materials, and grades. Whether you want a wooden privacy fence made from premium or standard grade timber or a gate built from redwood, pine, or cedar, we’ve got you.

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We are up to date with the innovations in the PVC industry and are aware of the long-term savings offered by a vinyl fence. Our PVC-based barrier options are made from unadulterated vinyl and engineered to serve you for a lifetime. No worries about unwarranted damage or cracks to your pickets or post caps vinyl fencing due to temperature swings- our PVC fencing contains a lot of impact inhibitors to keep it in shape. It is easy to install and requires minimal to zero replacement or maintenance costs.

Chain Link

We provide effective Chain Link fences for both residential and commercial buildings. Want something that blends in with your space and prioritizes security? We’ve got you covered, with several designs, dimensions, mesh sizes, material types, and colors (green, brown, black, white…) to choose from. We can provide traditional galvanized fencing or vinyl-coated ones for sports fields, industrial buildings, or private property. You can trust our Chain Link fencing options to provide visual aesthetics and satisfy strict security guidelines.


Our Aluminum paling options will upgrade the attractiveness of your home or commercial property while also adding privacy and security. If you are value-conscious, it is an excellent option to consider. It boasts a combination of lightweightness, durability, aesthetics, and strength. We offer a variety of Aluminum fencing heights, grades, and styles, depending on what you need. Is it an artistic pool barricade, a horizontal rail with varying picket sizes, something to keep the dogs in place, or stylish commercial-grade enclosures? We can do it all!

The Installation Process

We are nestled in the center of Georgia, doing what we love the most for years now. As the city’s leading installation company, nothing surprises us- we have seen it all and done it all. If you are planning a new fence installation project for your residential or commercial property and puzzled about the entire process? Not to worry, we’ll make it simple for ya. Before commencing the installation process, we will first send in our fencing contractors to inspect your property, take measurements and ask pertinent questions. We want to know your needs and why you are putting up a barricade. Is it for security purposes, for looks, or both! Do you want something affordable, or you’ve got a lot of cash to spend? These questions and more will help our experts determine the adequate fitting method and materials to use. Next, we prep the site. In the process of prepping the site, we will obtain the necessary permits in case your requirements exceed the city standards. We will also have our land surveyors come in to establish your boundaries to avoid property encroachment. Other processes involve digging post holes and clearing out plants, trees, debris, and other obstructions in the proposed fencing area. Our crew of awesome installers in Perry, Georgia will then proceed to install your enclosures. We take pride in our knowledgeable and well-equipped crew and trust them to get the process done right the first time. After fitting the paling, we do not stop there. We will also notify you of the necessary maintenance requirements to keep your wall in service for years to come. Ready to put up a fence wall? Rely on your local fencing pros at PPFC. to get the job done. Is it PVC fencing, chain link, wood, privacy, or premium aluminum walls! We have done it all and can provide you with styles that suit your landscaping. We’ve got decades of experience up our sleeves and are ready to provide you with the guidance you need.
Call us today at 478-443-8925 to learn more about our installation process in Kathleen, Clinchfield, Bonaire, Elko, Hayneville, Grovania, and other GA areas.

The Repair Process

Apart from the aesthetics a fence provides, it also keeps the children and pets within reach and adds value to your home or office space. If for any reason, you’ve got a broken chain, flaky PVC, missing posts, or damaged pickets on an existing enclosure, it’s time for a repair.

Do you need a repair on your existing fence? Call us now, and let’s handle it for ya.

Our repair process can range from simple fixes to complex to complete teardowns and replacements. We will first set up an appointment to inspect the concerned areas and notify you of the right approach to get the repair over and done with. If we find other areas needing repairs, we will duly inform you in a timely manner. We will not undertake any task without your approval.
We’ve got years of experience in this field and the right equipment and personnel to start and complete your fencing repair process regardless of the difficulty. We understand the importance of having your property enclosed. In cases where a complete teardown may be necessary for some sections of your front yard barrier, we will erect a temporary wall pending the completion of the repair.

Fencing repairs should not often happen unless you’ve made a mistake like your daughter backing into the fence or you hired the wrong contractors. However, when the need arises, trust our guys to get it all together in no time. We will deal with you honestly and tell you if it’s a repair you need or a complete replacement. Our customers are our priority, and on every project, we ensure that we only use premium fencing materials.

Reach out to Perry Premier Fence Co. today for your free and quick repair estimate.

Fence Builders That

Are Here For You

We are locally one of the top fence builders, with state-of-the-art equipment, custom-built onsite panels, certified personnel, best-in-class warranty, and stellar customer satisfaction. We have learned the ropes over the years and have become masters of the trade. Our professionals know what works best in every neighborhood in Georgia, and are committed to bringing you the best offers out there.

Give us your imagination, and we will combine it with our creativity to give you design ideas that suit your budget and fencing need.

What can you expect when you hire us to work on your commercial or residential fencing project?;
· Expert Inspection, Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services
· Fast Turnaround Time
· High-Quality Material Selection
· Superior Fencing Designs
· Superb Customer Service
· Affordable and Transparent Estimates
· Staining and Fence Bundle Discounts (5-10%)
· We are Licensed and Insured

What more can you ask for! We are here to serve your fence needs.

In our years of experience, we have worked with several home builders, property management companies, and individual homeowners; hence, we are a well-rounded fence installation company. We are fully aware of region-specific construction regulations and strictly adhere to them. No worries, we ain’t gonna be breaking any rules on your project.

Want something that gives you peace of mind! Think about us first. We are easy-going professionals and offer some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Reach out to our team today. We will be glad to offer you a fencing solution that works for you.

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We serve Perry, Georgia, and the surrounding counties and towns;

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Houston County, Georgia

We operate out of Houston County, a socially and economically diverse county in Georgia. The city boasts several points of interest, such as the National Fairgrounds & Agricenter, Go Fish Education Center, Historic Downtown, Players Local Theatre, Flat Creek Public Fishing Zone, Perry Area Historical Museum, Houston Lake Country Club, Rozar Park, Rigby’s Entertainment Complex, to mention a few.

Whether you are from Warner Robins, Kathleen, Bonaire, Willow Run, Elko, Byron, Willow Lake, Houston County, or Clinchfield, we can quickly get our professionals over to your place.

We can serve residents of Fort Valley, Hayneville, Winchester, Powersville, Centerville, Robins Air Force Base, Elberta, Walden, Rutland, Unadilla, Dooling, Marshallville, Zenith, and Hartley.

Don’t waste another moment looking for another fence contractor in and around your neighborhood; we are proudly serving the community already. Take advantage of our highly-trained professionals, quality products, and long-lasting results.

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