There’s no question that a well-maintained and beautiful fence can increase the curb appeal of your home. But did you know that there may be a financial benefit to installing one, as well? According to recent studies, homeowners who install fences may see an increase in their home’s value. Learn more about the benefits of fencing and how it can impact your bottom line!


Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this question. However with fences being what we know best and since they can often make or break a home purchase decision – not only do you want the best value possible but also one who will take care of your needs while installing it correctly- Perry Premier Fence Co. may be able to help determine how much an installed fence should add in price versus just their material costs!


So, How Much Value Can a Fence Add?


While it’s not likely you’ll find hard and fast numbers on the amount a quality fence will add to your home’s value, there’s no doubt that there is monetary gain to be found in a high-quality fence. Depending on the fence material, condition, and your home’s location, the value your fence can add to your home can vary.


While we can’t tell you definitively just home your fence can tack on to your asking price, there are several ways you can maximize the value of your fence:


Proper Fence Maintenance


Stay on top of your fence maintenance if you want to get the most bang for your buck with your fence. Making the necessary repairs, adding a fresh coat of paint, and taking care of rust and moss growth are ways to keep your fence in fantastic condition and draw in buyers.


Professional Installation


A DIY fence installation may be fulfilling at the moment, but it can be detrimental to your asking price when it comes to listing your home. Having a professional fencing company install your fence is a sure-fire way to add some dollars to your home’s price.




Are you fencing off a small portion of your yard for a garden? Or will it encompass your entire backyard or property? The amount of space in your fence can impact the amount you can add to your asking price. While you may see value in fencing just a small portion of your yard, potential buyers may not see it the same way. A temporary or easy-to-remove fence is better for smaller areas and will not clash with a permanent fence that you install around your yard.


More Than Monetary Gain

A fence adds more than monetary value to your home. The functionality is a significant boost to both purpose and interest value. Buyers who are looking for a home to grow their family will be more interested in viewing homes that are child and pet-ready. A high-quality fence that is already professionally installed will draw more serious buyers to view your home. Recruiting to install a fence or replace your current out-of-date or unsightly one before listing on the market, especially in family-friendly neighborhoods, is a great way to gain potential buyers’ attention while also adding some dollars to your home.


If you’re on the hunt for value and want to increase your home’s worth, then a fence is an excellent addition that will pay off in dividends. Not only will it make your property look more complete and well-maintained from the outside, but it can also provide crucial security features that keep your family and possessions safe. Don’t miss out – contact us today to get started on installing a beautiful new fence around your yard!